Wednesday, May 12, 2010

fun fetes

one of the downsides to moving is that i currently can't find half of our belongings. as i've mentioned before, we had very amazing, generous friends help us pack since i am so preggers that packing was not really an option. the downside to this (although i am so grateful for the help) is that i have no idea where things are- this goes for where actual boxes are located (the garage? the kitchen? who knows) as well as the contents of each box. it's kind of like a daily treasure hunt to discover where things are. then, of course, there are the small things that i packed but that i still can't find.

exhibit a: my missing cord that connects my camera to my laptop so that i can upload photos, hence the relative lack of pictures on this blog these days.

but i digress.

friday night some friends showed up at our door with pizza, salad, drinks, flowers, fenton's ice cream, and baby gifts in tow! matt and i had no idea they were coming; we were just putting m down to bed when the doorbell rang and our fun friends showed up. such a great treat- a surprise shower for baby #2! our evening was complete with multiple pack n' plays & pj's so that our friends could put their little ones down while we partied.

my biggest laughs of the evening came first, when my friend amy made us a diaper cake. have you seen these at showers? the "cakes" that are comprised of diapers rolled up and glued together to form a cake, with random baby items nestled into the layers.

they usually look like this:

or this:
or this:

amy's version was a little more minimalist & way more awesome: a container of diapers, ripped in half and stacked together to form a double layer cake of course, with three candles poked into the top of the package and a ribbon wrapped around the packaging to hold the whole thing together. of course, it is way more funny if you've been to umpteen baby showers where the crafty ones whip out their diaper creations.

humorous moment #2:
in lieu of shower games, we had a little time of blessing the new baby and our family, which i loved. so great to be surrounded by these dear ones, knowing that as we raise these children that they will be by our side.

at the end of the evening, my friend nancy and i decided we should give matt, her husband keith, and my brother aaron a taste of the glories of shower games. first, we had them guess my belly girth using toilet paper (all three boys lost & nancy won-of course, because when amy, nancy and i were roommates at least one of us ALWAYS won shower games...) game #2 was that we stole a few diapers out of the aforementioned diaper cake and a handful of monrovia's stuffed animals. they each had 1 minute to diaper as many of the stuffed animals (blindfolded) as they could. oh, funny to watch. i'm proud to report that my very own husband won this round of the game.

last night, some girlfriends took me to dinner (hello, fondue- so yummy= how can melted cheese plus anything be anything but delicious?) to celebrate baby #2. it was the perfect evening to sit with friends, talk, laugh and eat (especailly since the night before matt and i had been up all night long with a sick kiddo and all day long with a fussy kiddo.) i love, love, loved it from beginning to end. it made me so happy to look around the table and just soak up these amazing women who are in my life. (and i can't help it, but i sort of love presents. i didn't expect any, but then fun treats came anyway! i just love opening gifts. so fun.) it was a special night to celebrate and to look forward to this new season in our family's life. i loved it.

in addition to some very meaningful moments, we laughed as everyone shared their predictions for:
  • the baby's gender
  • the day baby #2 will appear on the scene (due date is may 21st)
  • the baby's name (first and middle or middles :))
  • what i will be doing when i go into labor
so why not join in the fun? what are your predictions for these??? any takers?
post baby birth the guesser who is the closest will get a prize. and it will be awesome. i promise.


  1. okay i love shower games.
    1. a boy
    2.may 23
    3. josiah
    4. unpacking a box and baking cookies

  2. I thought the tital of this entry was "fun fetus."

    1. Girl
    2. May 19
    3. Choo Choo Bacon
    4. Reading a book with Monrovia

  3. hahaha! scott johnson just made me pee.
    1. girl
    2. saturday may 22nd (and remember i won last time!)
    3. Fun Fetus
    4. neighborhood watching out the front window

  4. dang it, how did you guys know Fun Fetus was the secret name whether we have a boy or a girl? i guess i am too transparent. hehe

    bacon would be a good name too, because bacon is amazing.

  5. 1. A girl
    2. May 20
    3. Edina (just picking a random name, lol)!
    4. Relaxing in the evening- your water will break! :-)

  6. 1. girl
    2. May 18
    3. Danusha Irena*
    4. looking for your camera cord

    *This was the name of my favorite college roommate. I was trying to think of something that is both musical and earthy, that can hold its own next to "Monrovia".

    My favorite shower game was when we got to decorate plain white cotton onesies with fabric pens. Good activity for M?

  7. Maybe your baby will wait another month and be born on my birthday :D
    Doubtful though, so..
    1. a boy
    2. May 24th
    3. Saint Sebastian Demetrius Xavier
    4. on Facebook, thinking about Pukka Pies


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