Sunday, May 16, 2010


i grew up taking naps every sunday afternoon.

sundays, from morning until night,
were for rest, renewal, and restoration.

no chores, no homework, no tv.

in the morning we went to church as a family
(no exceptions)
and then later in the day we hung out, read, drew, played, napped, imagined, went over to friends' houses,
made a meal,
or didn't do much of anything at all.

sometimes i would protest,
but there was something really freeing -even as a young child -about having a day in which there were no expectations of production, efficiency, accomplishment.

i often lose that perspective & i try to knock out my to do list, catch up on things, get a couple things done, multi-task.

some days i feel like i haven't had a good day unless i've gotten "enough" done.
(whatever that means)

this morning i am thinking about how much our bodies and our souls crave rest.
(i will be completely honest - this is hard for me to sit with as i imagine this new baby coming at any time..and i realize that soon and very soon i will have very little time to accomplish much at all- except for sustaining a new life, of course!)

may your day be still.
soak in moments of
getting nothing done,
enjoying the people around you,
slowing down,
being at peace.

you have plenty of time to get to your list of to do's later.
i promise.


  1. sundays were lazy days for us too...always a nap. we went to church in the am and again in the pm. i wish i could take a nap everyday now.
    rest easy my friend.

  2. Enjoy a lazy day, and don't worry about getting anything done! The days are long, but the years are short, and having time with the little ones is more important than any chore!


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