Friday, May 14, 2010

happy friday!

happy friday, my friends!
my due date is in one week, so i decided it may be time to pack my hospital bag and make my labor mix (music during labor helped me so so much last time,
so here's hoping it will help me endure labor again.)
i kind of forget how all of this goes,
but i figure it will come rushing back to me as soon as those contractions start.

meanwhile, matt is such a rockstar and has been whipping our house into shape.
my sister in law chrissy has also been a rockstar in the form of organizing, unpacking and helping out with our double-ear infected 2 year old all week long. (it doesn't seem that fair to me that a deaf child could get 3 ear infections in 3 months and according to our pediatrician may have to get, what!? are you kidding me? but i am wandering off topic)
i am feeling like things are coming together slowly but surely.

being this pregnant is kind of annoying because, well,
it is hard to do much of anything without needing a nap.

aforementioned 2 year old on her first car ride, as we jetted home from the hospital 2 years ago.
she was so tiny!
more tiny toes and fingers ahead in the immediate future.

here's hoping our weekend is nice and mellow, with friends and family,
and a few more days til baby #2.

enjoy the sunshine,
and channel me-
take lots of naps!


  1. She is so tiny and cute!

    I never comment, but I am always keeping up with your little family!!

    Prayers for the days to come!!

    Hope M is feeling better!

  2. Your new one will be here soon and get well Baby M!


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