Tuesday, May 25, 2010

new life

i am sitting in our hospital room with an amazing view of san francisco across the bay, the bay bridge, the golden gate bridge...and in the foreground, our hospital parking garage.

today i celebrate new life!

first, after a very painful but very fast labor (let's just say that we decided to head to the hospital at the right time, since we got to the maternity floor at 5 :15 am and our baby was born at 6: 23 am!! yes- you read that correctly...an hour later!!!), our new daughter was born!

ruby adelia
was born yesterday morning...
may 24th...
9 pounds, 7 ounces and 21 inches...
a full head of thick black hair & sweet big eyes...
feisty like her big sister, she kept us up all night last night and snuggled with us all day

{ruby is in honor of ruby bridges
(you can read about her courageous story here if you aren't familiar with it);
adelia is a family name on my mother cornelia's side of the family
(& is pronounced uh-deel-ia)}

we love this little beautiful bundle of baby
& now it is matt and the girls!

marks five years that one of my dearest friends in the whole world,
has been cured of leukemia.

i spent a few hours with her on sunday afternoon (pausing once in a while for the contractions that i kept telling myself were no big deal), and as we hung out with our kids underfoot, thought about what a gift she has been to me. her fight against leukemia was long and brave, and i wrote about it a few months ago if you'd like to read more here.
she is an example to me of such inner and outer beauty.
i am so incredibly grateful to call her a friend -
to have walked together through some very treacherous seasons
only to emerge in grace and strength,
and to call today a day of great hope and celebration.

new life comes in all sorts of forms...
joy for this newest, wonderful little baby asleep a few feet away
joy for the rebirth and healing in adriane's body

(thank you all for your very kind comments!
i thought i brought my camera cord to the hospital to upload some photos,
but alas it looks like i didn't. pictures of little ruby to come soon!
now i am going to sleep for a few hours while i can!)


  1. Congratulations!! What a beautiful name, for a beautiful girl!

    This is a Very Happy Post- it is nice to start the day with a smile!

    Happy Birthday, Ruby Adelia!

  2. Pictures, pictures, we want pictures! (Yeah, I know, you've got a few other things on your mind right now.)

  3. Welcome to the world sweet baby girl with such a sweet, beautiful name! SMILING ear to ear for you and your family!

  4. Congratulations. What a lovely, sweet name.

  5. yippee! she's here. We so look forward to meeting the little lady!


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