Tuesday, May 4, 2010


well, new house means no internet access for now. so posts are sporadic for now...

in the meantime,
  • no baby. but it feels like it may come soon. this is a problem, because i need a little more time...of course i may be wrong and end up waiting another 3 weeks...
  • i live in box city. i kid you not, our house is a mess of boxes everywhere.
  • i love our new place. love. boxes and all, mess and all, crazy and all.
  • people are so kind: helping us move, pack, unpack, babysit, cleaning our old place and new place since i am kind of unable, bringing me brownie moving treats, being my friend. i am thankful.
more to come. here's hoping i can get online soon.


  1. I started reading your blog when I was browsing about CI.My daughter received her CI 7+ months ago and I'm still struggling to cope with therapy and all other issues.
    Can't help admiring how balanced your life seems.Maybe I'll find balance someday too.
    Good luck with baby no 2!


  2. I've been wondering how you were doing. Maybe the baby has sensed how excited you are about the new house and is now eager to get out and see it all in person. Well, to use the baking analogy, this baby is probably just about done (a toothpick would come out clean), but it's nice to get a little golden brown on top. (At this point you're either thinking, awww, how cute, or ewwwwwwww!)


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