Wednesday, May 19, 2010

just goes to show... little i know.
i swore this baby was coming early, and here we are, on wednesday.
no baby.
due date is friday.
i'll keep you posted, but for now, no action.

i have to post about how well
this babycakes

is doing.
i have been so bad about keeping track of her language development the last few months,
but her language is exploding!

for example,
last night she said, "i want to read that book."
a SIX word sentence.
and it's funny, because she says things like that all of the time and i don't even stop to marvel at how much of a miracle it is.

she took a standardized test with her therapist to check her receptive & expressive language and she did so, so well
(well, i think so- we haven't gotten results back yet...but apparently unbeknownst to me she knows words like mermaid & squirrel and scissors expressively.)

she was running around the house dancing and singing a song she made up,
and i got all teary remembering how she didn't have access to the world of sound.
cochlear implants are truly amazing.
monrovia is deaf, and she always will be deaf,
but she is learning to talk and listen.


  1. It's true - she's an amazing chatty cathy - and I love it!

    I am marveling at our girls and how far they've come since we first met - back when I cried because V wouldn't keep her hearing aids in and you battled with insurance to get M's implants.

    And now they say sweet, sassy, hilarious things in sing-songy voices. It's miraculous and beautiful and something I'm so glad to share with you, wonderful mama...


  2. are you sure she didn't say, "auntie lydia? please buy me some new pink chucks because i'm outgrowing these!"? i think she did. i heard her.


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