Sunday, May 9, 2010

(happy mother's day)

last year i wrote this about the gift that is all the different sorts of moms in our lives. i read it again this morning and another year into being a mom it seemed even more true to me.

i am so thankful for the moms in my life. i am so thankful that i get to be a mom.

to honor my own amazing mom today,
a few of the things she's taught me along the way:

  • live with integrity, even when it costs you
  • it isn't called getting lost - it's called "we're going on an adventure"
  • at the end of the day, it's more important to spend an extra few minutes with your children than it is to make sure your kitchen is spotless
  • tell your kids how much you love being their mom, and how glad you are that they are in your family
  • remember that your children are individuals - that means loving, disciplining, supporting, and interacting with each one according to who they are as unique human beings
  • if you love deeply, you'll grieve deeply too.
  • you don't have to follow a recipe exactly. (in fact, you don't need to follow a recipe at all to make some pretty delicious food.)
  • the end of summer vacation is the worst time of the year, because that's when your kids have to go back to school.
  • pray for your children & pray with your children
  • stand by your convictions, even when it embarrasses your kids
  • hug & snuggle your kids. comfort them. delight in them. laugh & cry with them.
  • treat other people as if they are a part of your family-you'll end up with a whole lot of extra adopted children along the way
  • silliness is an essential ingredient in being a good mom
happy mother's day!


  1. Happy Mother's Day to an amazing, inspiring mama - so glad I know you. xoxo

  2. what a terrific tribute. happy mama's day to you. i love the statement about loving deeply and grieving deeply.

  3. love this. lots. particularly the recipe part. your mommy is very wise.

    also, you should know that i gave both of my moms cards that you designed. so, thanks.

  4. Your mama is crazy wise and wonderful. If I could be half the mom Cornelia is...

    Yay for days to celebrate good moms!


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