Saturday, May 8, 2010

oh the goodness

we don't have internet access until next wednesday, which is killing me. but it is also probably a good thing to have a little break from the world of online access. the thing is, every so often i need a break from unpacking, and i don't really feel like being productive, or reading, or writing, or drawing, or anything-ing but vegging. the problem is that we don't have a tv or cable, so i always do my vegging by watching tv online.

when i was nursing little m 12 hours a day back in her earliest days, i watched all seasons of arrested development, lots of project runway, greys anatomy, and 6 seasons of gilmore girls. the other night i went on a frenzy to find something, anything to watch in our boxes of stuff.

(cue angelic music)

lo and behold, season 7 of gilmore girls sat right on the top of a box.
so i re-watched rory and lorelei in all of their glory.
and it was so good.
lucky for me i watched half of the episodes in the middle of the night, in a nursing newborn stupor, so i hardly remembered what i watched anyway.
it was so perfectly veg-worthy.
i love me some gilmore girls.
and i don't care if that makes me un-cool.


  1. I am followong your blo. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. Trashy and veg-worthy shows for bebe #2: Weeds (all season); the Tudors (for all of it's ridiculousness and graphic-ness [is that even a word?]) and Glee!

  3. another thing in common...a love for gilmore girls.

  4. This is why we're friends.
    (among other reasons, of course, but this new confession ranks pretty high on the list)

    I suggest following Loralei to "Parenthood." She plays pretty much the same character as in GG and the show is surprisingly good (and "based" in Berzerkeley so you might recognize some places!)

  5. oh - that's sooo great. Rory and Lorelei are the perfect escape. that reminds me...i really NEED season 5. Nancy said you have it...any chance I could borrow it?? I finished season 4 and went to put the next disk in and to my dismay, I had season 6, but not season 5. tragic.

    hope the moving and settling are going well. I am spending the day prepping my house for renters (cleaning out my kitchen cupboards/purging) so it kind of feels like I'm moving, too!

    can't wait for the news on baby. (:

  6. totally agree with kelli - i'm loving parenthood and think you'd like it, too. lots of loralei-like moments :-)

  7. god bless the gilmore girls!!! i'm trying to convince brett to name our next child Loralei - not sure if he's a fan.

  8. I love the Gilmore Girls. It was my nursing show too. Addy still has an amazing reaction to the theme song.

  9. As you know..i heart every second of the gilmore girls.


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