Thursday, May 20, 2010

babies + beer

oh yes, you read that correctly.

our good friend keith graduated from law school this weekend, which meant time to celebrate! (we were celebrating keith of course, but also celebrating the long journey it has been for his awesome wife, my dear friend nancy, who rocked pregnancy, work, and a toddler... over the course of law school)

nancy and keith hosted a super fun backyard graduation party, complete with a taco truck out front where we could order whatever fun food we wanted. (so so delicious-i wanted to eat everything.) they also had a dessert bar, chock full of amazingly yummy treats.

i snapped some random shots, but got sucked in to talking with friends, so missed out on a lot of photos.

somehow, of the pictures i did take, the trend seemed to be babies + beer:
nancy's mom, pat, holds grandson ellis - who is determined to join in the fiesta
my niece sadie attacks her dad's brew. he looks very concerned.
when i first walked over, little daven was trying so hard to get his dad's beer,
but chetan said the bottom of the bottle was as close as he could get until he was older.

too funny.

{congrats keith + nancy!!}


  1. The six year old knows his pops likes beer and I have let him smell it for years. He also knows he can have his first beer when he turns 21 and that I will buy it for him. But he has been a little too into the idea of beer lately so I decided to ask if he wanted to try it. He was very excited that I was serious.

    I purposely picked Lagunitas IPA (Mmmmmmm) for his taste. He took a sip and immediately fell to the ground. After getting up, he spent the next 5-10 minutes trying to wipe his tongue clean of the taste. He's been a milk and juice kid ever since.

    Congrats to Keith!

  2. What an interesting blog. I really enjoyed the posts. God bless, Lloyd

  3. yay for this fun blog celebrating the end of three long years! yay for babies and beer pictures!
    yay for baby prinz to come today or tomorrow or saturday!

  4. Plz send our Congratulations! to Keith and Nancy! And I personally like Beer + Babies because you know, "a family that drinks [good] beer together stays together..."


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