Monday, May 17, 2010

such a poser

my daughter usually refuses to perform for me- whether that means with language (she'll talk your ear off until i say, "m, can you say this?" or until she is in therapy and then, complete silence), posing for photos, or showing off some new trick or ability she has mastered.

don't get me wrong, i'm glad she is not a performer- i think it is much better for her to be independent rather than my little ventriloquist act. the only thing is that is can be inconvenient when it comes to taking pictures of her- especially family or group photos, but even solo pics.

most of our photos of her feature her staring or squinting or zoning out.

exhibit a:
exhibit b:

imagine my surprise when i uploaded some photos last night and stumbled upon this one:
(what a little poser)


  1. That second picture is spot on Ruff.


  2. um, i know. she fully has my scowl/scrunched eyebrows face that i make without thinking. poor thing.

  3. she's your spitting image in the 2nd one. ditts to that.

    and the last one is adorable!!! but you already knew that ;)


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