Friday, October 24, 2008

happy birthday aunt robyn!

today is little m's aunt robyn's birthday! robyn lives in mexico city, which is so far away, but we're lucky enough to see her more often than you'd think. i'm so glad that little m has such amazing aunts and uncles: robyn is just one of them. and i am so thankful to have married into matt's family and to know robyn as not just a sister-in-law, but also a friend. 

i remember the first time i made robyn a birthday cake. it was just a couple of weeks after matt and i had married. robyn came over to our place and i made a two-layer cake. i had to leave and run to the store so i left it up to matt to take it out of the oven and frost it. when it came time to cut into the cake, the knife suddenly ran into something and wouldn't cut through to the bottom. the reason why? matt and robyn had taken the cake out of the pan, the parchment paper lining and all, and stacked the halves (including the parchment) and frosted them. we pulled the paper out of the center and off of the bottom of each slice and proceeded to enjoy the (to be honest, kind of dry and not that great) cake.

sending much international love from our spot in the world to yours, ra! here's to a new year with many adventures and lots of good cake (sans parchment)!

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