Tuesday, October 7, 2008

our big girl

i think little m looks so grown up here. sometimes i feel sad that she has to go through so many procedures that i've never even had to go through. this morning we take her to get an mri at children's- just one more thing on the road to getting implants. they called just yesterday to make the appointment - very last minute they had a cancellation. my mom is coming with me since matt is out of town for the week. i always get scared seeing her go into these big machines or getting assessed, so my belly is doing little flips this morning. the anesthesia will be fine, i'm sure; it's just a bit scary. m is happy as can be of course, oblivious to what the day holds as she plays happily with her grandma. 

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  1. Hi Sus,

    How did it go today? love and hugs,



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