Wednesday, October 8, 2008

tag, you're it

this week i got tagged by not one, but two people in a blog game. (that would be via monte and three bay b chicks

since i am super-sucko at the real game of tag because somehow the gifts of athleticism were all dropped on my brother with none left over for me, i thought maybe i'd be better at blog tag? 

here are the rules (well, they sent me slightly different rules so i'm going with the easier ones :)): to the person who tagged you
2.mention the rules of your blog
3.list 6 unspectacular things about you
4.tag 6 other bloggers by linking to them

i will say it makes it hard that some of the blogs i follow are password protected! sigh, alas, no fun for them.
6 unspectacular/random things:
1. i abhor bananas. really. (don't try to tell me that they taste ok in banana bread, or that you really can't taste it in a smoothie. um, you don't & you can.)
2. i am the oldest of 4 kids and we are all two years apart, and were born in order tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday.
3. one of my worst traits is that i am an awful phone call returner. awful, horrible, super pitiful. (i am trying to work on it, i promise)
4. i have always loved celebrity trash. (when i was little i was all about princess diana, who, if you think about it is kind f one of the ones who sparked the crazy paparazzi-ness that now gives me celebrity trash) i feel guilty, and it does absolutely nothing to improve me as a person, but i still read it.
5. i read magazines from back to front and i always look at the last page of the book i'm reading before i start.
6. i act like such a foodie, but i don't like the chai at indian restaurants but i do like the fake, sweet chai at starbucks.

here are a few blogs i follow....


  1. well, you didn't call no tag-backs so I'm in...but watchout! You'll probably be tagged back! hahaha. What fun...we should start another one in a few weeks and see what happens. :) Thanks for the shout out.

  2. Loving the tag follow-up. Thanks for playing along. As a committed follower of your blog, it was fun to read. Also loving the pictures of M and seeing how much she is changing.

    Would love, love, love to get together at Jordan Park next week. Let me know what day works best for you. Absolutely no plans all week. 10:30/11:00 on usually works well for us.

  3. so glad i tagged you with an email and not a voice mail. :)


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