Tuesday, October 28, 2008

yay for my bro

props to my little brother aaron for making partner of the month at starbucks! (here he is in action pimping coffee a la little m)

i tried to convince him to jump ship and relocate at a local peets so that i can stop by for free drinks, but he informed me that peets is for hard core coffee drinkers. he is a self declared not-so-much-coffee-but-sugary-sweet-drink-liker, so he said he wants to stay at starbucks. every day when he's finished with his shift he gets a drink. yesterday's was a flop i guess: i think it was raspberry iced tea lemonade with a shot of melon syrup added. um, i think i could have preemptively said that bizarre flavor combo would be nasty. 

as a side note, there used to be a starbucks very close to an art store that i frequented when i was in grad school, so sometimes my next door studio mate, taylor, and i would stop in to get a hit of caffeine mid-day. once i discovered that their iced coffee costs more than their regular plain coffee, i had to boycott for good. i mean, seriously? i kind of went off on the barista one day, because it makes absolutely no sense to me. he informed me that it is due to the cost of ice. ice? really? as if starbucks isn't making money hand over fist with raspberry iced tea melon drinks? besides, you get less coffee when you get iced coffee, because the ice takes up at least 1/3 of the coffee's space. sigh. 

and side note number two: who does not know that coffee plus steamed milk = cafe au lait? ok, maybe not everyone, bt if you work at a coffee shop, one would think this goes with the territory, no? at starbucks it's a misto though, not a cafe au lait, and so until i realized that a. cafe au lait=misto and b. that i needed to translate my drink desires into starbucksian, it involved a confusing and complicated explanation process at the register. sigh #2.

but aaron, i digress. i am super proud of you and don't worry, you can always give me a free drink and i won't object.


  1. Wish that I could be partner of the month. I'm just happy to finally get a piece into my first blog.

  2. that is a delicious picture of little m!!! soooo cute! I love her big eyes and her adorable hat. (: Kacie


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