Monday, October 20, 2008

i heart project runway...

...well, usually. the season finale was last wednesday, and thanks to the glories of you tube i was able to watch it just hours after it aired on bravo. anyway, i have to say that despite my devotion for tim gunn (image above snagged from its creator's blog ), heidi klum (i can't help but think she is adorable. i know people think she's annoying but i kind of love her), and all things project runway, that this season was a total letdown. 

to be fair, i did love korto, her designs, and the fact that she hails from monrovia, liberia. i do love the dramz with kenley, even though i thought she was rude, rude, rudeness. and i did like that the final three were all women, for once. but overall, it just seemed tired...blah...and even the designs seemed not as over the top as in seasons past. where was the craziness of a santino or christian or jeffrey sebelia? (and as i write these names, why are the crazy crazies always male? hmm. interesting.)

in the end, i wish that korto had won. leanne was ok, i suppose, but a bit on the boring side. i also wish i had gotten to see jerrell's entire collection instead of kenley's. 

i know, i doubt any of you reading this even care. 

but the show is still a little addictive, & i am really hoping that the show injects a little somethin' somethin' to spice it up the next time around.

(if anyone else here is an addict, there is a british version you can find on youtube called project catwalk. not as good, although season one with elizabeth hurley in heidi klum's role is on the ok side.)

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