Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a momentous occasion

my mom is not a fan of potty mouths. 

she has no tolerance for even slightly foul language, and so growing up we never used bad language or swore. i have grown to have a healthy relationship with various words that i never would have dreamed of saying, but that is besides the point. my mom's distaste for certain words includes the words piss and suck (as well as any variation or conjugated form). so, the other day, october 20th to be exact, you can imagine my complete shock (well, in the least my siblings will get this) when my mom walked up to me and said, "life really sucks right now." um. WOW. it is true. life does suck right now, but my mom saying "sucks" (as well as the high five she proceeded to give matt for uttering that word) brought a bit of levity to our house. unfortunately she draws the line at pissed so i will never hear that one cross her lips. all i know is that i am marking october 20 on my calendar as the day cornelia dropped the s- bomb. because in this household, that's exactly what it was- a bomb, probably never to be repeated again.

p.s daphne, i have to give you the credit for getting her to say it in the first place. another reason you should live on this coast and not all the way up in michigan.


  1. gosh, so many things can happen in just a 48 hour visit! i love you guys. xoxoxo or besos y brazos as we say in our house...

  2. I knew ma had it in her. All of the times that she whipped me over the head when I uttered the word. I have come to a graceful relationship with that word. Not using it too much, but also not using it too little.


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