Friday, October 10, 2008

points of joy friday style

happy friday from little m, here with her great grandma, who we went to visit last week in fresno!
some points of joy to start off your morning...
  • the gurgly cooing sounds of m in her crib every morning, as she plays with her toys (she can now throw her pacifier across the room- which makes ehr quite proud of herself, until she gets pissed that she no longer has her pacifier
  • matt coming home from chicago after one very long week of appointments!
  • the beginning of the season apples in our csa box
  • rediscovering that i love the song "fake empire" by the national.
  • chocolate creme pie from sweet adeline's
  • sunshine & a walk around lake merritt
  • this week's episode of project runway. um, since we have no tv in our house, i love you tube & they feed my media need
  • sleeping in (kind of) this morning under my cozy down comforter!
how about you? any points of joy??? 
{big huge announcement (and no, it's not that we're having another baby or buying a house) coming at you in a post later today!}

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