Wednesday, October 8, 2008

sending love...

and congratulations to my dear friend kimiko (& her husband garrett) who just had her first child, a beautiful little girl named yael!

kimiko and i, as eldest siblings, wreaked great havoc on our younger siblings i'm sure. ok, i'm positive, because my somehow unappreciative siblings remind me of what a pain it was to have me as the big sister. (i think deep down inside they are a teensy bit grateful.) kimiko and i have been kindred spirits over many years and through many situations (especially regarding boys, family issues and growing up in church), and for all of our complaining and bemoaning the fact that to be the oldest child was a burden, i think we both kind of liked it. in fact, both kimiko and i told each other when we were pregnant that we kind of wanted girls because they were the best to have as an eldest child because they could help out so much and be responsible. (the exact part of being the oldest child that we've complained about in the past- it's come back to be an asset?)  i think it is quite comical that we both ended up with daughters as our firstborn children, and within 6 months of each other! 

hopefully little m and yael will be as "endearing" a mixture of bossy, supportive, blunt, loving, opinionated, cuddly, motherly and stubborn as kimiko and i were (and are) to our younger siblings. 

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