Tuesday, October 21, 2008

today i am

it is the end of the day, and as i sit writing this, end of the day golden light is streaming through the trees in our backyard. it sort of twinkles in the leaves, and makes this moment - these brief minutes before the sun begins to set and darkness descends - feel like a gift somehow. that seems sort of cheesy, and maybe it is, but there is something special about the light at the close of an october day here in the bay area. this time of year the air is crisp enough that you know that autumn is here, but the day has still been warm enough that you sort of forget that a new season is arriving. it all makes things seem very present.

in light of this feeling, and inspired by a blog entry by soule mama, this is what is happening in my world today.

today i am....

feeling - oh so many different emotions simultaneouslysad, empty, exhausted, tender, grateful, weary, anxious... the best way to sum it up?overwhelmed. life has just closed in on our family and it is hard to escape the weight of everything.

listening - to a random mix of sufjan stevens, the national, over the rhine, imogen heap and a healthy dose of songs from the swell season thrown in.

watching - my daughter discover her tongue. matt and aaron tear down the blackberry bush and ivy infestation taking over the backyard garden.

loving - far away friends that feel like next door neighbors, close-by friends that show up when crap happens, and a family that knows how to love each other when it really matters.

drinking - not enough water and too much caffeine.

wondering - what tomorrow will hold.

hoping - to get back into the studio sometime soon?

and now the golden light has faded, and the evening is settling in.
whatever your today has been like, hope you sleep well tonight.

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  1. almost like sitting next to you in the autumn light. thank you for letting me be with you and your family as you bear the weight of life. i love you. forever. always.


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