Monday, January 30, 2012


my friend amy tells me that these are the following words i use all the time:

awesome. amazing. rad. true story.

matt would add in supercute as one of my favorite word choices as well.

i have no leg to stand on here, since I am guilty as charged. 
of course you already know that since you read my blog.

that said, this picture of ruby that i stumbled upon is all of those things:
awesome. amazing. rad. and supercute.
true story.

(i apologize in advance to ruby who will discover this photo of herself 
in all of her glory someday, and not be too pleased that i posted it on the internets.)


  1. holy crap. i can't believe you posted this on the internets. true story.

    1. I promise I'll only leave it up for a little bit. She'll actually never find it bc it won't exist anymore. Promise. But it's so cute, right?

  2. Oh my gosh - WAY too cute. She is adorable - and if she ever finds it, she'll just realize how amazingly adorable she was!

  3. I always figure a good 'the end' shot is not the most embarrassing of all the options, right? ;)


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