Tuesday, January 24, 2012

getting ready to rumble in my studio

matt's mom is here for the week to help me so i get some studio time, 
 during the mornings this week
 take these two lovely kiddos out of the picture,
 and it's just me.

just (maybe) i often have unrealistic expectations for my time (insert my husband's laughter here and a sarcastic comment like "ya think?!"), and think i'm going to accomplish as much in 20 hours as someone like gwenyth paltrow does before breakfast. silly, silly me.

but hey, it's good to aspire, right?

on my list to get done between 7:30 am and 1 pm today through friday? 
ok to be completely honest i'm not going to share my whole, entire completely unrealistic list, because you would just laugh, and i get enough of that from matt. (although seriously? he's the pot calling the kettle black, since he usually carries 49 books around with him at any given time, because he expects he'll have time to read them) i also like to add a few easy things to the list to feel accomplished right off the bat, you know what i'm saying?
  • unpack all my art stuff
  • organize studio
  • workout every morning with my bff jillian
  • drink coffee (see? already done. look at me, taking names)
  • blog every day (ditto)
  • get girls up, dressed, fed & out the door with snacks & lunches (i'm so awesome. done, done & done.)
  • finish sketches for 3 upcoming papyrus commissions: anniversary, aunt birthday & mom to daughter birthday
  • finish inside card artwork & envelope liner artwork for grandpa birthday card
  • come up with some brilliant & wonderful mother's day card ideas and sketches (due monday)
  • make 9 pieces of art for my mail art group & mail it out
  • do the dishes
  • clean out art storage unit & get artwork photographed
(my real list would also include things like finish christmas & birthday thank you notes, deep clean the house, hang artwork & mirrors, hang curtains in guest room, wash windows, organize closet, clean hall closet, etc etc)

we all know i'll get like two things done from my first list and nothing done from my unabridged list, but we all have to start somewhere, right?

off to take on the world!


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    1. if we were on facebook, i would click like ;)

  2. you're the cutest, both with your trusty cutie pie sidekicks and without. enjoy your susannah time! xo

    1. thanks! closing down studio time & ready to hang out with some weights and jillian before the kids get home!

  3. Please tell me where you got that fabulous scarf. If it was Paris, I might have to go and pick one up.

    1. oh, bless your heart. if you mean target? yes, that's where i got it, via my mom. (in the last few weeks, so hop on over!) i have to say that i have two scarves from target, and both are amazing- they just keep getting softer and more lovely. really.

  4. to help check things off your list, here is the mothers day card i would like to receive from my future son(s):
    'Mom thanks for keeping me alive, even though it almost killed you'
    or how about
    'mom, for all those years, i was a helpless little baby, crying for food, fighting sleep and getting sick on you...thank you for loving me."
    or maybe even
    'mom, i know i've been a hard kid, but now you know what it was like for your parents.'
    i can keep going...
    commissions in the form of coffee or babysitting my kids are welcome :)

    1. ha- you think your sons will know what a card is? you'd better get in the practice of writing them now, so you get some mother's day lovin' in the future! ;)


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