Tuesday, January 10, 2012

january 8, 2012

january 8.
i live in a city.
this is at the foot of my driveway.
it's true;
there is a lot of brokenness: grit, violence, trash, 
telephone poles and wires bisecting every open view of the sky,
graffiti, run-down houses.
it  wears you down.

but there is a lot of beauty too.
do you see that tiny bird
on the wire?
m and ruby and i watched for a long time yesterday as
she perched there & sang 
before flitting to another wire.


  1. like

    from the guy who left a cable line hanging from that telephone pole

  2. i can just see you three girls admiring that bird from your front steps.

  3. okay this post made me teary. because i love and hate living in a this city. for so many reasons. i hate the ugly telephone wires all over my neighborhood. with old wires tangled and dangling. with tennis shoes and other debris hanging from the lines. the garbage blowing down the street. the graffiti on the neighbor's fence. but the sweet notice of the bird that sings in the midst of the ugly...that is such a metaphor for our city.

  4. I love this. Beautiful!

    I remember one day not long ago, I was at the park with the boys and I was in awe of the magnificent fall colors on the trees all around me. Meanwhile, at one end of the park, I watched a drug deal taking place. And the other end, I watched a gang congregating. Such stark contrasts. Beauty and depravity. All rolled into one. It's hard to imagine how God holds both in His hands simultaneously.

    Thanks for sharing about that bird!

    Happy Birthday week! (and almost birthday!)

    PS haven't listened to the this american life episode...but will.


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