Wednesday, January 25, 2012

can't even handle this awesomeness

january 23, 2012

on monday m did her first self portrait (that i know of)
notice her blinged out hand-
an artist has to have style, right?
here she is in all of her glory. 
she told me those are her implants (see them on each side in the ear area) 
and that the circle in the middle is, nope, not her mouth, but her "big belly."
the next one still had implants but- thank heavens- no big belly.

i love my daughter.
i love watching her draw.
i love that she sees herself with implants and that it is who she is.
a whole lotta love.

(speaking of love, can you believe i am posting multiple times this morning? loving the blog action? i kind of am.)

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