Wednesday, January 11, 2012

january 11, 2012

wednesday morning
(birthday week gifting 
of a few free hours to 
be still, write, think, pray, draw, drink coffee, 
soak up a january morning)

i took a peek at what i wrote one year ago today and i posted this and this.
kind of funny- some things never change.

Outside my window...january is warm and sunny

I am thinking...of how i used to sit at cafes like this for hours, ruminating on life and art and scribbling in a journal

I am thankful for...birthday week!

From the kitchen...blueberries, plain yogurt & a handful of granola

I am wearing...a pale aqua long cardigan layered over a thin, long-sleeved grey shirt layered over a tank top, a black & white striped scarf my mom got me for christmas, grey skinny jeans and my favorite boots that matt bought me last year for christmas, and the bone earrings my parents bought me in south africa a few years ago

I am for myself

I am spend the rest of the morning writing & thinking, instead of working or cleaning (which i what i feel like i should be doing, as a responsible person; i am rejecting that feeling in favor for what is actually good for me -and as a result - good for the people around me)

I am reading...mindy kaling's book. she is really funny.

I am get my studio up and working by the end of the month

I am hearing...the espresso machine in the background, jazz over the speakers, the clink of spoons and plates, conversation from the guys working at the cafe

Around the house...groceries to put away (from yesterday- classy), laundry to fold, dishes to wash and dry, and a whole lotta playtime with the girls

One of my favorite things (actually a few of my favorite things)...getting mail, reading the newspaper in my bed on sunday afternoon before falling asleep for a nap, a clean house, lipgloss, being warm, a hug from my mom, the succulents i potted on our front steps, snuggling, opening presents, iced coffee

A few plans for the rest of the week: to savor the joys of this last year & to anticipate and hope for a new year, go a date with my husband, knock out some freelance, put away 46 loads of folded laundry, celebrate side-christmas with my roommates, and figure my crap out (that one might take a while, seeing as its taken 36 years so far)

a picture of one of these moments: 
(succulents on our front steps)


  1. i am, and always have been inspired by your creations. keep sharing. :)


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