Thursday, January 12, 2012

do you own anything made in china?

we all do, right?

take 60 minutes out of your day 
listen to 
(you can stream it for free at this link or download it.)

usually i listen to this american life while i am working or cleaning the house.
this episode has me standing still in the center of the kitchen,
sometimes it is important to just stop and listen.
it will change your life.
or in the very least the way that you look at the crap you own.
and i am not being dramatic, my friends.


  1. i can't wait to hear this. also i am going to buy the "TAL' iphone app that has ALL their episodes to listen to anytime. can't wait! yay for side christmas

  2. I love tal; it is so good. And yes! Side Xmas is the best!

  3. Also, I am so easily distracted. This is just one example of how I perpetually have dirty dishes- I stand on the kitchen listening to a podcast instead of washing dishes. Classic me.

  4. I love your passion. Looking forward to listening to it tomorrow.

  5. I listened. My company buys widgets from Foxconn all day every day. I am without further words.


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