Thursday, January 19, 2012

i don't get it

i want to eat her, she's so cute.

tonight, as i was half-way through reading a book to the girls, m interrupts me and says, "mom, i don't get this book." i was like, "you don't get it? what do you mean?" i thought maybe she had missed a word in her sentence or something. nope, she knew exactly what she was saying:

she repeats, "i don't get it, like i don't understand it. can we read something else instead?"

this falls into the category of when words come out of my daughter's mouth and they seem too grown up for her little three year old self.

this same category includes moments like when m says to ruby, "seriously? ruby, i need some space right now!" or "mom, debbie (ahem, one of her imaginary friends) saw that on facebook." um, what?! i don't think she even knows what facebook is, but somehow she's overheard conversation about it & now incorporates it into her pretend play.


next thing she'll be slamming her door on me and texting her best friend about how annoying i am.


  1. M is hilarious. Also? I love the fact that she needs her own "space." ROFL! She's wise beyond her years!

  2. this post makes me smile BIG.

    those "ohmygosh i want to eat her up" moments are among my very favorite in parenting.

  3. i know, right? i love being a mom.


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