Monday, January 16, 2012

january 14, 2012

(january 14
husband + i, 
camino restaurant, oakland)

january 14th
is my birthday
and i love my birthday,
which my husband knows 
(as do all of you since i am not one to refrain from broadcasting my birthday love)

it was a very good day.
(primarily due to his thoughtfulness and planning) 
today's photo is of matt;
he makes me a better person,
he is incredibly thoughtful,
and as every year passes i love him more.
true story.

(p.s. i don't love my grey hairs and wrinkles more, but it kind of goes with the territory)


  1. Happy Birthday! And I love Matt's halo -- that can't be accidental!

  2. would be kind of cheesy if i commented on this post.


  3. I cannot WAIT until your girls are older and can read about your love affair. You guys have somethin' special goin' on over there!

  4. not so anonymous anymore, dude

  5. I noticed the earthy halo too!


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