Thursday, January 19, 2012


january 19, 2012.
workout thwarted by children. so frustrating that when i'm actually motivated i get roadblocked in the form of two delightful girls, who suddenly need to play, interact and have non-stop physical contact with me. rad.


  1. yes, so typical. good for you for getting ripped in the midst of mothering! jillian would be so proud :)

  2. that's so funny. when i read your last post about your favorite exercise video, i thought to myself, "how on earth does she exercise at home with young children?" the only two times i ever tried an exercise video at home, by boys climbed all over me during the whole thing. comical. i figured it must have just been a boy thing, but now i see that it's universal. (:

  3. Well kac, it is basically impossible if they are awake. I started while they were having Naptime (although m didn't nap) and then m came upstairs super early & sans implants = incredibly Loud, sO she woke up ruby. So I tried to soldier on but I became a human jungle gym after one pushup. I usually work out at Naptime, if matt gets home before dinner or after they go to sleep.

    And Hannah, I'm not sure how proud Jillian would be of my constant stopping, but hey I tried!


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