Wednesday, January 25, 2012

hardly able to contain my excitement. yup, that's me.

january 23
i am finally (for the love)
unpacking and moving into my studio!
i will post pics, i promise, when i am all done.
here is a sneak peek as i began to unpack my books & magazines:(do you know that i first fell for matt because he had great books on his bookcase? 
oh yes i did. 
i didn't hurt that i also thought he was this cute, smart, alterno soccer player. 
he also inadvertently wooed me with his top secret chocolate cookie recipe, which was amazing deliciousness. 
{ahem, soooo secret that he didn't tell me what it was until we were on our honeymoon!
 i'm not kidding.} 
i was instantly smitten.
he thought i was some random girl who told really long stories with no point. 
ah, some things never change!)

last night i was up late working on a new papyrus project
and then on some art for my mail art club
(in progress below)

as i was working, i happened to start chatting online 
with one of my very dearest friends from high school. 
so good to talk for a long time.
(matt corrected me when i said we talked for an hour; 
"it is not talking, it is chatting on the computer." 
same difference- tomay-to, tomah-to.)
it made me think about history,
about having a past,
a rootedness in the thing or the people
that have come before this moment right now.

so i made four little paintings of twisted and unfurling roots.
sometimes one of the most lifegiving things for me 
is re-connecting with friends
from long gone seasons of my life. 
there is something about still being able to talk with people who knew you years ago;
even if your lives look radically different now,
there is a gift in having shared life in the past.
off to finish the studio!
(i can hardly believe it!)

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  1. Hooray! "1 23" was a lucky day for you! :)
    I can't wait to see the studio!!!


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