Friday, January 27, 2012

hop to it!

january 25

sneak peek of almost finished studio!matt's mom has been taking the girls in the mornings all week 
so i could work on finishing my studio.
it is near impossible with little ones underfoot to get much done, as i'm sure many of you know.

behold the power of alone time!

let's revisit it, why don't we?
  • unpack all my art stuff
  • organize studio
  • workout every morning with my bff jillian
  • drink coffee (see? already done. look at me, taking names)
  • blog every day (ditto)
  • get girls up, dressed, fed & out the door with snacks & lunches (i'm so awesome. done, done & done.)
  • finish sketches for 3 upcoming papyrus commissions: anniversary, aunt birthday & mom to daughter birthday
  • finish inside card artwork & envelope liner artwork for grandpa birthday card
  • come up with some brilliant & wonderful mother's day card ideas and sketches (due monday)
  • make 9 pieces of art for my mail art group & mail it out
  • do the dishes (ok, to be honest, i know i only rocked this line item like one time, but i did do a lot of laundry & to be fair, matt is really the king of dishes in our house)
  • clean out art storage unit & get artwork photographed
i'd say the week has been successful, no?
no one is going to read or comment on this since i'm about to do three blog posts in a row and it's the weekend, but despite that, i'm pretty freaking proud of myself.


  1. I'm proud of you....that is A LOT of stuff off your list!!

  2. you rocked that list, my friend. love all the posts, so very much.


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