Thursday, January 19, 2012

smartypants & snack attack

january 18, 2012

another day= another morning at school.

wednesday was parent education at m's school.
i usually take a lot of notes
(especially today, since m's amazing therapist sharon was co-leading the session. 
she is so, so experienced and fantastic.)
love it- 
always so many tidbits to take home & use with both of my girls, 
even though ruby doesn't have hearing loss.
i love the emphasis on cognition for language & development.
as another mom said yesterday,
"i never would've ended up here if my daughter didn't have hearing loss. 
but i feel like this stuff is important for any parent with kids, right?
shouldn't all parents be learning this?"
yup- sometimes i am so grateful for how hearing loss has made me a better parent with more tools.
one of those things i never would have guessed i'd be saying!
notice ruby is always in the mix. 
that's her with the saggy bottom in the middle of parent ed.
in the old days, or i should say, pre-ruby on the move days, parent ed was peaceful. 
take notes, listen, comment, soak up wisdom.
now it is a little more like this:
take notes while rummaging through bag for ruby's snacks, climbing over other people's children to race after ruby when she escapes down the hallway every three minutes, grab the snacks ruby just stole from another child to give her her own food, comment, pull ruby's sippy cup out of another child's hands, find some new toys for ruby to play with, sip some coffee, scribble more notes, race back down the hallway...and so on for about an hour.

after school we head back to oakland
my girls eat lunch in the car.
which brings me to this question:
i am rocking kid lunches/snacks 5 days a week, as most of you probably are too.
any fun (but simple) food ideas i could use/steal from you?
(keep in mind that three of the days my kids are eating in the car
& that m rejects any meat/poultry situation)
i feel like we rock the same combinations week after week.
consider this your suggestion box & click on the comment link to give me some new ideas.


  1. I am also grateful for the way having a deaf child has made me a better parent with better tools.
    Ah, I recall the days of lunches and snacks in the car!!!

  2. I want a copy of all of your notes!! How cool.

  3. seriously...I don't know how other parents know what to do! Do they even realize what cognition and ways to encourage thinking? I am so, so grateful for what we have learned on this journey!

  4. Katie- I didn't get yr quote exactly right (hence why I left yr name off of it). But yes! I feel like I learn so much from JW!

  5. love all that learning at jw - and how amazing to have wonderful sharon be teaching some of it!

    i'm dying for snack and lunch ideas - why is it that every time it's mealtime i draw a blank?! i've been meaning to compile a list of ideas and keep it on the inside of my cabinet door. i'll check back! ;)

  6. my favorite human development class at UCD was cognitive development! it's what made me love language development and helped me decide to become a speech/language pathologist. i agree, all of that info helps so much with parenting.

  7. My kids really started diggin' shrimp at about 3 yrs... that opened up a bit more fun in the lunch box.

    shrimp, nori (my kids used to eat it with peanut butter rolled-up in the middle) homemade granola balls, hard-boiled eggs, beef/turkey jerky, yogurt- add frozen fruit & it'll keep cold for hours, sandwiches rolled inside tortilla, rice cakes w/ honey/pea but, real popcorn, sushi w/ veggies/cream cheese- fun to make with the kids at home...that's all I can think of.

    P.S. I know you immensely dislike fishies & eggs, but they are easy meat & make for quick high-protein snacks on the go.

  8. ah- but i WANT to like the fishies and the eggs. oh i do. and i REALLY want my girls to! how do i make that happen? these are greta ideas- my girls super love the seaweed action, so maybe i can mix it up with some of these. (because on their own they are not very filling/no protein.)

  9. Our new go-to is a Banana Burrito = banana and peanut butter wrapped in a tortilla! Can sneak in flaxseed, etc. too!

  10. Oooh-bet my girls would like that Kelli! I used to love peanut butterinside a wheat tortilla heated up
    In the microwave for 20 seconds. So


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