Monday, January 23, 2012

working hard or hardly working

a guy i worked with in college used to say to me that all the time. i always thought, "seriously? we are the same age. you sound like you are in your 40's." also, he thought he was pretty awesome so please inject that into the tone of his voice as he'd head into the office and smile like a politician & say "workin' hard or hardly working?" anyway, I digress.

january 22, 2012

two of my loves work side by side at the table:


  1. Ha- I was so thinking of that guy and his comments recently. You had some interesting encounters working there...

  2. what was on the red plate?

  3. adriane- right?! working in an office with college politicians=a lot of characters who all think they are awesome, with some crazy coffee house kids thrown in.

    nothing exciting, daph- just english muffin with peanut butter.


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