Friday, January 6, 2012

january 6, 2012

m at school +
ruby taking a morning nap
(which i will mourn this afternoon when she doesn't nap) =
time for me to work
a quiet morning
and a latte at my desk


  1. Loving your photo a day posts.

  2. that is a purdy picher. sub with some MAC eye pencils, and you got yourself a date after your work

  3. hmm date after work sounds nice! :)

  4. you take the most amazing photos. I just got a DSLR camera for Christmas. How do you take the close-ups in focus with the background slightly out of focus? I love that affect. So timeless.

  5. looks like a fabulous morning set up!!!

  6. well that is a lovely way to spend a morning, i'd say.


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