Wednesday, January 25, 2012

snuggle up

january 22

sunday was a full day
ruby fell asleep on my friend andrea after church 
and yet
still took a very substantial nap

i snapped this as she fell asleep against me in the evening.
she just wanted to be held & snuggled 
so i let her fall asleep in my arms instead of putting her in her crib to fall asleep
(i should've seen the signs at this point)

once she was sound asleep 
i finally put her down in her crib

a couple of hours later she woke up
and with a temp
of 103.1

it was a long night
with a sick girl
calling "mama, mama" every so often from her crib

sweet girl
somehow there is nothing better than having your mom take care of you when you are sick,
and now i'm somebody's mom

1 comment:

  1. Bliss. (bummer that the bliss came about from a temp, but bliss nonetheless...)


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