Monday, January 9, 2012

best of 2011: butt kicking

best of butt kicking workout:
* there is no comparison- jillian michael's.
no, this is not an infomercial for jillian.
no, i've never watched the biggest loser.
but jillian michaels of biggest loser fame also hawks lots of dvds.
ignore the cheesiness (there is plenty),
because jillian is effective. 
for reals.
i did the above dvd in august
and it kicked my butt.
(for the record, it also kicked matt's athletically inclined butt. 
yes, my sweet husband got suckered into doing a workout dvd with me; 
that's how much he loves me.)

then i promptly took a hiatus for a couple of months.
i'm now in the process of getting ripped instead of shredded -
both words that i really think are kind of ridiculous to use when talking about exercise, 
but hey- i'm willing to put up with the lingo when the workout works.
"don't phone it in"
"make the most of it"
"this is you time, baby"
that's right, i've memorized her catchphrases.
here i am yesterday, post workout.
no, not a flattering photo (at all, in fact i am wondering why i am posting it)
but a post-workout photo,
red as a tomato & sweaty as can be.

(p.s. my pushups are getting way better)


  1. i heart jillian and her butt kickin' shred. in a love to hate but need to love kinda way.

  2. Your photo's not perfect, but then again;

    "Perfect Sucks!"

  3. work it, sistuh!
    I am getting upper body workout by Fruit Ninja on xbox kinect. it must be doing some good. LOL

  4. Between sickness and travel and grabbing the opportunity to sleep in over winter break, I was off my exercise routine for a few weeks. Started back up again, and man are my calves weak! But I'll show 'em whose boss. Gotta remember some of those Jillianisms.

  5. you look so pretty post-workout! all glow-y!

    (push ups are my very hardest thing.)

  6. miss hannah, you are way too kind. no really.

  7. i think you should include a video of you doing the punching to jillian's 'this is you time, baby, make the most of it'

    the sanding guy

  8. dear sanding guy,

    it should probably be silent footage, since as you know, sometimes jillian brings out my potty mouth.

  9. My favorite Jillian quote:
    Pain is just fear leaving the body.

    Quite deep really.

  10. so funny- i JUST text quoted that to my sister-in-law yesterday. and told her that my version is that pain is also fat leaving the body ;)


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