Tuesday, January 31, 2012

short & sweet

what, you say? you can't handle all of the posts i've been throwing out into the blogosphere? well, who knows how long it will last. as you know. sometimes i blog a lot, and sometimes...not so much.

i'm going to finish up the month with the last photos of the month.
hey, in the very least i stuck to a photo a day for the month of january!

saturday evening was our church community's annual crab feed, 
which is held at the elk's lodge (hence this handsome fellow)
a couple of crab feed thoughts: 
i don't eat creatures of the sea in any form, 
so lucky me- i get chicken every year instead; 
i also don't really like cake, 
but i made a cake for the dessert auction, and oh my freaking goodness it was good! 
like, really, really, you don't want to know how much butter was in it, good. 
(want to know where i found it? i'll post it later with a picture with my less pretty version.)

{sunday (see here)}


and today,
the last day of january

i'm once again on the road 
with my girls 
back & forth to school 

(but full of gratitude for the help i got last week from matt's mom & sister
so that i could stay home and work on my studio!)

this is about 40 minutes into our morning commute, with 20-30 minutes left to go:
more work to do tonight,
but instead i am succumbing to the cozy lure of my bed upstairs.
night, all!

(for the record, i think this is the most posts i've ever done in a single month. yay me!)


  1. I have been on that exact highway many times. (My bestie spent many years at Stanford) I love your food posts and I am insanely jealous that your husband cooks such divine meals.....

    1. i never dreamed i'd log so many miles or hours on that road!!!

  2. I, for one, love your January posting frenzy. And you. The end.


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