Thursday, November 13, 2008

7 months old!

yesterday marked little m's 7 month anniversary of life out in the big bad world. she celebrated with some rice cereal, banana, and later in the day topped it off with some pureed carrots and squash. what a 7 months it has been round here! among other new feats, she has mastered rocking on her hands and knees (and is about to crawl), discovered how to lunge for my cup to try and drink out of it, figured out that if you grab and pull at leaves they inevitably come off in your hand, and finally, that it is is quite fun to stick limbs as far out of the slats of her crib as possible (all is fun and games until she wants to roll over and her leg is twisted and stuck. oops!)

happy 7 months little m! thanks for sleeping longer and longer at night. that is my personal favorite new thing you are learning- forget all the developmental stuff...i like to sleep! 


  1. i thought i left this message already but it did not post so...

    seeing little m's 7 month anniversary got me kind of excited because it means that we are over the hump and into a time that is LESS THAN HALF A YEAR before she gets her implants!

    i know, sucky in comparison to what was supposed to be BUT it feels like 5 months and counting down is do-able-ish.

    love you!

  2. YES- i know. i agree. we met with the lawyer today who is going to go beat up the insurance company on our behalf.

    i'm all about do-ish-abe these days.


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