Monday, November 17, 2008

treats + friends

i took a couple of days blog free, so i have a few entries up my sleeve from the end of last week still! that way even though it is monday, you can pretend it is thursday or friday! 

we started thursday off well with a fun visit from our friends bearing delicious treats: coffee and la farine. (i've evolved in my relationship at la farine- first i was obsessed with morning buns, then moved on to the chocolatine, and recently i am all about their savory morning bun. yum.) little m woke up from her first morning nap while we were hanging out, so she came out for her own snack of milk and her hit of social interaction. she snuggled for a while with nancy's mom and then spent the rest of the time eyeing baby micah, who is only 4 months behind her in personhood. at this point little m grabs everything of interest and stuffs it directly in her mouth, so once micah got close enough she lunged for him (i saw either a baby make out session or disastrous eye poking on the horizon). i think it's pretty safe to say that little m already has her prom date. (although there are a few other worthy and very cute contenders out there...if you want your child to get bumped up in the queue, you can bring us coffee and snacks too.)

there is little better than just sitting with good friends (of course, enjoying good edible treats with them does knock it up a bit, and good coffee makes it even a little better, but i digress). i have been hibernating somewhat this year, which is so unlike who i normally am. i've been realizing this week that i feel like this year has changed me at a fundamental level. it is as if a part of me, or maybe i should say parts of me, has been taken, stolen, removed without my permission. very important parts of my identity have been reshaped or erased and i am trying to process that:  who am i as a maker, wife, mom, friend, daughter, sister, and so on? right now, i don't really know, but i feel quite unfamiliar to myself. in the midst of that lack of knowing, it was peaceful to sit with good friends and share the beginning of the day. 

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  1. i can totally relate to the feeling that part of you has been changed at a fundamental level. i take comfort in the fact that even tho i don't know what the hell is gonna happen, some time in the future things will reconcile better and i will emerge once again. a richer, more seasoned me. i love you and all your parts - missing or otherwise. always, d


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