Saturday, November 8, 2008

sweet treats

this morning matt, little m, my sister, mom, and i went in to the ferry building in san francisco for the farmer's market and all things delicious. after our requisite caffeine and assorted breakfasts (matt-chilaquiles, mom and bec-breakfast sandwich with applewood bacon, fontina, egg + roasted potatoes, me-soft scrambled eggs with arugula, house made sausage and roasted potatoes, little m-mama's milk), we ran into our friend vanessa, who works at the yummy bakery miette, and she ever so kindly stocked us up on sweet treats! 


somehow i am currently resisting their power and saving them to enjoy later. (although i hear their little voices chirping out my name form the refrigerator. especially that divine lime tarlet...oh my. somehow it knows my middle name too!) what self-restraint i have! 


  1. how was the tartlet? bec

  2. the tarlet was DELICIOUS. yum. tangy and light. so good.


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