Friday, November 14, 2008

happy friday

i love this picture. matt and little m, sitting out on our front porch- little m turning to look up at her papa. not much to say today, but i thought of this picture i took last week as i sit typing and little m and her daddy hang. little m is rolling around on a blanket on the floor, crying because she can't quite crawl. matt is rolling around with her, and snuggling her tears away. it's hard to be 7 months, you know. at least it must be, with how much squawking little m makes! it's a mellow evening for us after a long day of appointments related to her hearing loss. i am happy it's friday, and i'm sure you are too.

enjoy the weekend!


  1. Where did you get that pilot cap? It is so cute! Ours are always boring and solid colored...

  2. it's from over the nile. her therapist gave it to her. cuter then the hanna anderson ones, huh. marty pants has learned how to pull it off though!


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