Thursday, November 13, 2008


things i don't like today:
  • the way my fridge hums so loudly all the time
  • crazy drivers who don't signal and then cut over last minute but they don't look at you because they are aware of their lameness (selfish, selfish pants)
  • the next 2 hours of painting in my studio, because the painting looks really ugly right now
  • emails that get buried in my email account because so much spam goes in my inbox
  • that i still haven't finished my book club book (sorry, oscar wao)
  • the bills i need to pay
  • that some amazing people in my life live really far away

things i like today:
  • the supercuteness of etsy (you have to sift through the lame to get to the good, but it's there)
  • my morning latte with brown sugar 
  • the sun shining outside! (dreary weather=dreary me)
  • our clean kitchen
  • my husband and that he sends me lots of text messages all day long
  • the bulbs pushing through the dirt in our front yard!
  • sending video messages on facebook
  • the quilt on our bed that my grandmother made
the end.

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