Monday, November 17, 2008

uh-oh and YAY all at the same time

she's been rolling and inching, but it's official! little m crawled for the first time this weekend! (note her look of pride and satisfaction above.) she basically does the army crawl and pulls herself across the room, but she is beginning the joys of self-propelled movement! all i can think of is the fact that now she is going to wreck havoc and crawl all over our house, pulling everything down and out in her wake, but it is still exciting. 

(and yes, i know this is not the most thrilling blogpost, but this is the gripping narrative around our house. forgive me; we watch the little m channel at all hours, so for us, it is quite entertaining and celebratory! now off to childproof the house...)


  1. Uh-oh is right! It will seem like you turn away for 1 second & they are on the other side of the room. I love her proud smile! Army crawling is hilarious- both Brandon & Rachel had their own army crawl style. Too fun!

  2. I so love catching up on your blog. Good luck with little M, SO exciting that she's crawling now! yay!!

  3. Hooray for mobility! Such a fun time in little M's life for you and Matt. I love watching the transition from crawling to walking. Everything becomes so fascinating to them...especially at Christmas. As we have learned, formerly super fun tree ornaments can quickly become a holiday hazard for kids. Sparkly and shiny, they are just too much for any toddler to resist. We now decorate only about 3/4 of our tree. :)

  4. can't wzit to see it on person


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