Monday, November 3, 2008

funny little m

little m is close to crawling, but can only scoot backwards right now. sometimes i just watch to see where she'll end up. last week it was under the bed! all of a sudden she looked very confused as if she didn't quite know what to do next, or how to get out of the spot she'd found herself in.

our friends monte, kristy and their two kiddos (who little m loves) were so kind and sent m a note for her surgery last week (we got it before the news came that there was no surgery...) well, m loved her note. or at least the envelope! she is all about grabbing paper and chewing on it, so i let her experience the card in a way that she would like - by stuffing it into her mouth. by the time she was done with it? it was a wet, shredded up mess.

someone sleeps exactly like her momma, lying on her side with one arm up over her eyes. it is too funny how it is identical. it is like a little mini me!

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  1. we need to buy flavored stationary...maybe chocolate?


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