Wednesday, November 19, 2008

my mom

i love this photo of my mom. i rarely see my mom sit still for long, much less have the luxury of doing the things she enjoys or chooses to do, so this picture captures a rare moment. my mom has lived a life of serving and caring for others, of sacrificing her desires and wants to benefit the people around her, and of extending her love through thoughtfulness. if you know my mom, there is no doubt that she has probably baked you a pie, or put her arm around you to see how you are really doing, or come over to sit next to you and talk if you were feeling alone. my mom is not one for small talk or chit chat, so it's hard to just shoot the breeze with her, even if she doesn't know you that well. she's pretty quick to cut to the chase as she says, and have a real conversation.

i'm just thinking of her today, and how she is a woman of strength, courage, tenderness, faith, and integrity. 

i hope that i've learned bits here and there from her about how to love well, and how to raise children that respect and love you.

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  1. You do have a great mom.
    I love how you write, Susannah.


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