Tuesday, November 11, 2008

the fruits of matt's labor

matt has been growing dry heirloom beans since the spring, and it was finally time to harvest them. as evening fell, he sat with a few people in the middle of the garden and they helped peel the beans out of their pods until they filled bowls full of the little beans. i have to say, i was a bit incredulous about the beans when matt first planted them: they took up so much garden real estate, and we'd never grown beans before. 

but shining in the bowls, looking like little matte gems, i was glad matt planted them. later, as we ate warm bowls of my mom's homemade baked beans, i was glad they harvested them. 

now that winter is coming, matt is planting new things in the garden. matt and i are slowly realizing that is season of very hard things in our life is not changing anytime soon, but that we will be processing and grieving for a while. matt asked me yesterday what we are going to plant which can act as a visual representation of that long, slow process. hmm. we have 4 big raised beds and a couple of wine barrel planter boxes...any ideas?

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  1. Not sure how representative it can be...but, Asparagus is a good winter plant. It it under gound most of the winter then all of sudden in February pops up ready for a party. ...or so I hear. :)


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