Monday, November 17, 2008

welcome to parenthood

poor matt. his daughter likes all things that he is not partial to. in fact, it is a pretty sure thing that if there is something in the world that matt doesn't like, little m will be drawn to said item.
a short list: shiny gold bathroom fixtures; crazy bohemian patterned wall hangings; ceiling fans; scarves and jewelry that look like they may have been sold on QVC; any item which sparkles, lights up, has some motorized component or is licensed by a company like, say, disney; brightly colored and space consuming plastic toys-the larger and more plastic the better; anything with rhinestones or sparkles affixed to its surface... you get the picture. matt is a minimalist, and our 7 month old (like most- or maybe all - infants) is not. i firmly believe that if little m could hear, she would prefer easy listening and country music (much to her parents' chagrin) over any artist associated with the word indie.

so imagine my delight when i got little m to sit in her daddy's eames chair this weekend. i felt like affixing a little comment bubble saying, "see dad? i, too, appreciate and understand midcentury modernism! from now on i only want to play with toys made of molded plywood and lacking in adornment."

i don't think it's happening any time soon, but she sure looks cute perched in his chair.

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  1. matt... a minimalist with a lust for more things labeled "minimalist".


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