Wednesday, November 19, 2008

today's playlist

{above: the bulletin board in my studio}

i'm off to paint later today, and i either listen to music or podcast episodes of this american life. here are some songs that i've either discovered or re-discovered lately & that happen to be on repeat often.

the world spins madly on- the weepies
fidelity- regina spektor
rarity-lucinda williams
oh god, where are you now? (in pickeral lake? pigeon? marquette? mackinaw?)- sufjan stevens
life in rain-remy zero
hoppipolli- sigur ros
satellite of love-u2 (cover of lou reed song)
paper planes- m.i.a.
with you- stars of track and field

and some episodes of this american life you shouldn't miss. amazingness. ira glass is brilliant and if you've never listened to the show, you should start. you can stream it, download it as a podcast, or buy an episode. it's hard to describe why this show is so great. suffice it to say, we don't hear enough good stories these days; this american life is chock full of good stories...give it a try. 

this recent episode came out just before the election and is a fascinating portrayal of pennsylvania leading up to november 4th 
this is such a funny episode. if you've ever babysat or been babysat, it's worth a listen.
touching and funny...this is one of my favorites. hello, phil collins helps her write a break-up song?
are you trying to understand in plain and entertaining language how we got to this place with foreclosures and the economy? listen to these. these two episodes are so interesting, kind of depressing, but mostly just important to listen to.

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