Tuesday, November 18, 2008


well, it is no news flash for those of you that keep up with this blog that my life has been lame lately. i have decided that somehow i mistakenly became a resident of sucksville, and i want a passport to somewhere a little more mellow. statusquoville would be just fine with me about now.  even so, i think it is important to celebrate the good with the bad.

and one piece of good in my life is...matt. he is pretty much amazing to me, and he is a fantastic dad to little m. ah, i remember the infamous moment that in the pre-dating matt era, my friend nancy was predicting that we would end up together. in very dramatic (but i thought sincere) fashion, i replied, "matt just doesn't know how to love me." how far i was from the truth. we may be very different in a hundred ways, but often matt knows what i need more than i can articulate myself.

one example of amazing: so, not much cheers me up lately. but my husband knows that i sort of love presents. i love opening things- i swear it could be a pack of gum, but wrap it up in paper, and you've won about a million points with me. it's not really that i just like stuff, but for whatever reason i kind of love gifts. so the other day i walk into our room and on our desk there is a pile of presents. all for me. little presents all wrapped up in paper, stacked there, waiting for me to open them. in the past, in my younger, and oh so immature days (let's not get too specific on how far in the past this lack of maturity was), i probably (ok, i would have) torn through every single present in one fell swoop. actually, matt said i could if i wanted, but i am spreading them out and opening one when i am feeling bummed out or sad. the idea is to think of what hope for the future each gift represents as i open it, so i get to dream as well as consume!

all i have to say is, can you really get more fun than walking in and seeing a bunch of presents hanging out waiting for you every time you go in your bedroom? it's pretty much the best thing ever. all this talk about presents is making me think i need to open one. right now. 

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  1. okay, trev and matt REALLY need to hang out. so glad you have presents...and something else will be coming to you in the mail soon too...


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